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Most people do not want to sue their customers, vendors or others with whom they conduct business. More importantly, no one wants to get sued. Unfortunately, litigation may be necessary when two parties cannot resolve their dispute themselves.

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If the amount in dispute is greater than $15,000 you will find yourself in another Court. Each of Georgia’s counties has its own Court system. Some of them have two. While most of the forms and procedures have been standardized, each county (or judicial circuit) may still have its own particular way of doing things. The county where your dispute is to be litigated depends on where the Defendant is located.

In some circumstances, your claim may be brought in Federal Court. If the dispute involves certain federal statutes, such as anti-discrimination laws or Trademark and Copyright, federal court is generally the best place to be. If all of the parties are from different states and the amount in dispute exceeds $75,000 then the claim may also be brought in federal court, which is also sometimes called the United States District Court. There are three trial level District Courts in Georgia, cutting somewhat diagonal stripes from northeast to southwest across the State. Which one you find yourself in depends on what County in Georgia the case could have been brought had you (or your opponent) selected a Georgia court to bring your case.

We are admitted to practice before all Courts in Georgia. Please check the other options on this tab for your particular area of interest.

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