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Zoning. The balance created by your local government for what gets built next to whom is the fundamental principal of zoning legislation. The purpose, supposedly, is to change the days of mill towns and industrial complexes immediately next to residences.


Cabbagetown Neighborhood

In some instances you may want to change the zoning applied to your property. In others, a neighbor or a developer may want to use land near you in a way that is inconsistent with how you and your neighbors or the local government has decided the property should be used. In either case, having an advocate on your side who knows how the process works, knows the players and the personalities, and can assist you in navigating these troubled waters. Few circumstances arouse emotional responses like a change to the character or feel of a neighborhood. Dealing with that drama and creating the factual record necessary are two sides of the same coin that must be simultaneously handled to be successful in any zoning dispute.



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