Change takes courage.

And everything about the post pandemic world has changed

As a leader, you want the best for the people you serve. 

But the law is complicated. You know you can’t navigate it on your own.

You need a lawyer who understands the intricacies of law and policy.

Someone who communicates them clearly and with understanding. 

We can help. 

The team of professionals at Balch Law Group have a long track record of helping local governments, elected officials, and insurers navigate complex problems with trust, transparency, exceptional risk management, empathy, inclusivity and integrity. 

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The Ultimate Professional

I have found Chris to be the ultimate professional in matters ranging from employment law to 1983 litigation. Chris has represented governmental entities and officials throughout his career and has a breadth of knowledge of the myriad of issues facing a municipality daily. Chris has served with co-defense council in several cases. During that time I have found his work product and judgment to be excellent.


Chris Balch is the #1 Crisis Lawyer in Georgia


Establishing a Respected Governing Environment

From an organizational and senior management perspective, Chris deserves much credit in establishing a respected governing environment in the City of Brookhaven. We both came to a three-year old city with few established processes, little strategic focus, and devoid of any organizational culture. We also came to a City with a new Mayor and City Council with no prior elected official experience and on the backside of a political scandal. In just over six years, Brookhaven has become a recognized high-performing city with superior leadership, a stable and productive governing body, and a leader in innovative program and policy development. We could not have achieved this level of success without the many years of experience Chris brought to the table and Chris’ courage to speak up and address deficiencies and risks.

Christian Sigman, 
City Manager,
Brookhaven, Georgia

Creating Solutions for Complex Problems