Land Use & Zoning

The balance created by local government for what gets built next to whom is the fundamental principal of zoning legislation. The purpose is to change from the days of mill towns and industrial complexes immediately next to residences.

Local governments need experienced and knowledgeable lawyers who are recognized as subject matter experts by their peers and by opposing counsel to handle and represent them in disputes with neighbors and developers. In nearly every land use dispute, the local government is caught in the middle between these two groups and becomes a victim of the old adage that “no good deed goes unpunished.” No matter how hard the council or board works to reach compromise or to establish common ground, often both parties are left feeling they have been taken advantage of or not been heard in the process.

Our lawyers have literally been on the front lines of negotiating and litigating these challenging and often emotionally-tinged cases. We have the experience and understanding to support even the most delicate choice made by an elective body. When everyone else “lawyers up”, the attorneys of the Balch Law Group are your go to choice for responding to these challenging matters

Grant Park, Fall, 2017