It has always been, and will always be, the policy of this firm never to discriminate against any person who seeks our representation.

The Reporter Newspaper released a story online by Dyana Bagby about a legislative decision being considered by the City of Brookhaven, a client of this firm. It raises an important issue about how and when lawyers advise local government clients. It is, in its way, a glimpse into how those conversations appear to the outside world.

This firm is proud of the work it does for its clients. The attorney-client privilege is the oldest privilege recognized in the law and encourages lawyers and their clients to have frank, open, and candid conversations about the client’s options and decisions. Often lawyers are prevented from commenting directly on matters of public concern, but it is nonetheless appropriate to provide insight into how the process works, even if the details cannot be.

A lawyer’s personal judgment should never influence their advice to a client. The lawyer must provide their unvarnished professional judgment, based on the law as expressed in ordinances, statutes, constitutions, or cases. If asked for our personal opinion, we will answer the question; but only if asked. That is the nature and purpose of a lawyer’s advice. Our mission is to provide a path to the objective the client identifies.

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