Balch Law Group successfully defends Investigators with the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office in a challenge from the Columbus Consolidated Government (“CCG”) to the production of information gathered pursuant to 6 search warrants.

Sheriff’s Investigators are looking into allegations of financial mismanagement by CCG pursuant to a request by the Governing Authority of the Consolidated Government. (Under Georgia law, a consolidated government is the merger of a city and a county into a single governmental entity exercising roles and duties of both under the Georgia Constitution. The Sheriff’s Office is a constituent part of the Consolidated Government, like it is of County Governments in Georgia). The search warrants sought the production of information about missing or incomplete records and information related to specified individuals. CCG claimed the search warrants invaded the attorney-client privilege with respect to some files and communications.

The Superior Court held in its Order that there was no procedural basis for the motion nor were the Investigators required to conduct a review of the materials by an outside or uninvolved team of professionals prior to case Investigators being permitted to view the materials seized.

We are proud of our role in protecting the integrity of this investigation and assisting Sheriff Countryman’s Investigators in the performance of their duties.

search warrant

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