From an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution by Zachary Hansen

Brookhaven’s city leaders passed an ordinance Tuesday night that imposes a fine between $500 and $1,000 for violators, who could also receive up to six months in jail. In addition, vehicles used in a street race can be impounded for 30 days or until the case is settled.

“The ordinance expands the police department’s authority to detain those folks who seem to be actively supporting the activity,” City Attorney Chris Balch said. “The ordinance does not address or make criminal simply watching, but if you are an active participant in some manner, as observed by a police officer, you can be cited and/or arrested.”

Chris Balch

Street racing is an increasingly dangerous activity which has led to a number of deaths in the United States. While some activists are understandably concerned about people of color being disproportionately arrested and detained, Brookhaven’s leaders hope the new law deters people from engaging in the activity all together.

Racing City Traffic

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