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There is a presumption that bigger is better. We want bigger players on the football teams we follow or support. We want bigger cars. We want bigger houses. The same presumption applies to law firms. There is a presumption that if a firm is “big,” then they must have experts in the field you want.

But bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes experience and actual expertise are more important.

In a recent case for one of our local governments, we argued that an appeal was improper because the underlying dispute was an appeal from a zoning decision and the property owner did not follow the correct procedure to have the appellate court consider the merits of the appeal. We briefed that issue in the Trial Court and at the Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals agreed with us that the Court had no jurisdiction to consider the appeal because the correct procedure had not been followed. 

A client deserves a firm and lawyers who know what they are doing with the particular matter brought by the client. It does not matter if the firm or the lawyers are stellar litigators on other subjects; what matters, and what should matter to the client, is that the particular issues being disputed and the process those issues need to follow have been handled before so that the client is not forced to be an experiment on a new practice area for the lawyers.

At BLG we focus on one thing: local government law. We have the experience and the depth to understand and address issues related to local government process, decision making, and the rules that govern how local decisions ought to be made. 

When experience and integrity matter, BLG is your choice, because bigger isn’t always better.

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