Chris is thrilled that his recent ordinance for Brookhaven, GA has been adopted by multiple municipalities, the Georgia Municipalities Association, and the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia

It’s about saving lives and flattening the curve of COVID-19  to prevent its spread and not overwhelm our healthcare system, while still adhering to the City’s Charter and respecting our nation’s Constitution.

Says Balch.

The text of the ordinance, which was passed March 16 by Brookhaven’s City Council, was offered gratis by Balch Law Group to cities and counties across Georgia in an effort to streamline and speed the lifesaving measures many Georgia cities were contemplating. GMA further added Governor Kemp’s Executive Order language following Kemp’s press conference on March 23, 2020 and provided the Model Ordinance as a template to all Georgia cities and counties in a joint effort with ACCG.

The Model Ordinance with additions from GMA is available for download on this page (halfway down under the heading “GMA Shares FAQs & Model Ordinance.”)

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