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Let’s face it, despite our best efforts, drama happens, crises come to a head, and opponents and critics get loud. Maybe everyone had the best of intentions, but the leadership was new, and the path challenging to find. Maybe past skeletons that good folks may not even know exist have come to the surface. Those in positions of trust may now be stuck holding the proverbial bag and suddenly the crisis is unavoidable. Where do you turn?

Chris Balch and the team of professionals at the Balch Law Group understand this unique pain. Chris has a long track record of helping local governments, elected officials, and insurers navigate such treacherous and potentially career ending problems with trust, transparency, exceptional risk management, empathy, inclusivity, and integrity.

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Please note: Balch Law Group is not affiliated with the firm Balch and Bingham nor is Chris Balch related to any of their lawyers.