Brexit aside, no one can call out absurdity like the Brits can. While some folks are still caught up on the red herring that local regulation equals no 5G (that 5G which doesn’t yet exist, by the way), The Register, a UK publication that sports the tagline, “Biting the hand that feeds IT,” highlights the FCC’s inability to explain or provide adequate data in court about how they arrived at their arbitrary, per-pole-per-year fee.

And something they didn’t cover: The FCC’s order allows for up to a 32 cubic foot sized box attached to as many utility poles as a telecom provider wants to install in any given area. As Chris Balch recently pointed out to another reporter, that’s the size of a refrigerator stuck on a telephone pole.

Those boxes going up for current cell service are small for now, but as we know, the telecom industry will take all they can get and push for more.

Read The Register’s great analysis in their article by Kieren McCarthy in San Francisco here.

5G artwork with same headline
Via The Register

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